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The History of The Scenter

The Scenter was formed by me, Alan Hargreaves. Pretty much by accident.

Since leaving school I had always worked for S.J.Farmer (Long Eaton) Ltd. I ran the CAD draughting department for many years, but I was made redundant when the firm closed in 2011.

I am not someone who can sit around idly all day doing nothing. one afternoon I was looking around the house searching for something to do to fill the time, when I found in the back of a cupboard a present someone had given me a couple of years before, a box of incense cones. I opened it and burnt one, filling the room with the scent of frankincense.

I started to wonder where people bought these things from, so I did a web search and found a wholesaler within just a few minutes of lighting the first cone. I had a little experience selling items on eBay, so I made some calculations about selling fees, postage costs and the like, and decided to make a small purchase from the wholesaler. I thought I had found something that would keep me busy during the times I wasn't looking for a 'real' job.

I stored the stock under the bed, and it sold fairly quickly. There was a small profit and I decided to reinvest it into increasing the range of items I had to sell. Within a few weeks the stock had also taken over a cupboard, and I decided that I would start a market stall in Long Eaton and become self-employed, rather that looking for full-time employment.

The market stall proved a bad move, I ran it for 6 months but I was never able to make it pay. So I decided to take on a part-time job as a care-worker whilst building up the online side of the business. By August 2012 turnover had increased so much that I had to go full-time.

The amount of stock increased to the point that it had taken over much of the house, and I had to rent space at a self-storage unit in order to expand any further. I kept the day to day stock that I needed at home, and made several trips a week to the storage unit to replenish what had been sold.

I continued to work like this until early 2016, when my partner and I decided to start living together. This meant it was no longer practical to work from home and I would need to find somewhere to trade from. Fortunately, there was a suitable place nearby, so I started renting Unit 86 at The Trent Business Centre - and now the house looks like a house again.

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