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What to Burn the Incense In 
Incense resins require a separate heat source to burn, the heat is traditionally provided by a charcoal disc placed inside a censer (incense burner, perfume burner or pastille burner). A censer is a vessel made for burning incense or perfume in it's solid form. They vary widely in their design and the materials they are made from, some are on handles or chains to allow them to be moved when in use. 
Where to Burn the Incense 
The censer should be placed on a flat, heat-proof surface away from children and animals; and away from anything flammable, such as curtains, lampshades, or paper. The room needs to be well ventilated. If the design of the censer allows it to be moved when in use, be very careful when doing so. 
Lighting the Charcoal 
A burning charcoal disc will produce a lot of heat, so you should line your censer with sand to help distribute that heat. Place a charcoal disc on the sand and light the edge. If it's self-igniting charcoal (contains potassium nitrate) you will see tiny sparks as you light it, and it will ignite quickly so never hold it in your hand. If you need to hold the charcoal over an open flame to ignite it, hold it with tweezers or tongs. If your charcoal disc has a concave indentation on one side place it in your censer with the hollow facing up. This 'bowl' will be where you place the resin to burn it. 
Using the Incense 
Wait until the charcoal is hot and is covered with greyish-white ash, this could take a few minutes. When it is ready, using a metal spoon place a small amount of resin directly on top of the hot charcoal. The resin will begin to smolder, releasing smoke and scent. Be careful not to place too much resin on the charcoal as it could go out if it can't get enough oxygen. When the smoke begins to thin out, add more resin.  
Never leave burning incense unattended. The burning time of the charcoal varies between different makes and sizes, but should last 45-60 minutes. It will burn out on its own once it's completely finished. A finished charcoal disc may still be hot, so it should be left to cool before disposing of the ash. 
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