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Pairs of ear candles and protector discs. The candles are made from unbleached natural cotton and beeswax and are perfect for a professional spa or aromatherapy use. 
The ear candles are either unscented, rose or lavender scented and come with a protector disc. 
The protector discs are also sold separately. 
Introductory Offer Until 3rd October
From Just £1.88 a pair. The usual price is from £2.09 a pair. 
Unscented, rose or lavender scented ear candles with a protector disc. The protector discs are also sold separately. 
The application of ear candles is at your own risk and responsibility. If there is any kind of inflammation of the ear or skin around the ear we do not recommend the use of ear candles. For personal safety we do not recommend carrying out the treatment by yourself, it should always be done by a second person. 
The person receiving the treatment should lie on their side and ensure they are comfortable and relaxed. 
Push the small end of the ear candle through the hole in the protector disc. 
Place the small end of the ear candle into the ear (do not force into the ear) and light at the top. 
Once the flame reaches the safe line indicated on the ear candle, extinguish and dispose of safely. 
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